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Custom gallery - exclusive car flagpoles. Please, click here to order your flagpole in our webshop or send your E-mail order together with your complete invoice and delivery address to: 

 Volvo S80 Limousine with holder for car flagpole "Exclusive"  800px-2002_Bentley_State_Limousine.jpg  

 Nilsson Limousine (Volvo S80) with holder for car flagpole "Exclusive"

 Car sold by Nilsson Special Vehicles, Laholm, Sweden

 Mercedes E-Class 2016 with car flagpole "Exclusive". Car sold by Ljetopis Automotive d.o.o in Podgorica, Montenegro.

 Volvo V70 Hearse with car flagpole "Exclusive"  Chrysler 300C with a magnetic car flagpole "SteelEx" modern  

 Nilsson Hearse (Volvo V70) with car flag pole "Exclusive".

 Funeral car sold by Nilsson Special Vehicles, Laholm, Sweden

 Chrysler 300C with a magnetic car flagpole "SteelEx" modern

 88 mm. The car flagpole was delivered to the Consulate of The Republic of India in Valetta, Malta.






classic car

Car flagpole on a classic car Mercury 1965.

 lexus ls460l w 2 poles_redigerad

 Lexus LS 460L with two car flagpoles "Exclusive".


magnetic car flagpole on suzuki vitara

Magnetic car flagpole on a Suzuki Grand Vitara.





Chevrolet Traverse with a car flagpole "Exclusive". Car sold by HPC

Armoring Professionals to the Dutch Embassy in the USA.

 Car flagpole "Exclusive" on a Jaguar XJ.  


Mercedes-Benz 250SE Coupé from 1967 with a car Flagpole AluShine

Classic on a classic car.

The first owner was Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark. The car is now restored and owned by Byron Riginos from Athen.



Classic car Mercedes-Benz W108 with car flagpoles "Exclusive". Car owned by Michael Cooper from California USA



Classic car Mercedes-Benz W108 with car flagpoles "Exclusive". The car is owned by Michael Cooper from California, USA


Toyota Landcruiser SN2 in Senegal. Equipped with car flagpole "Exclusive". Owned by Richard Dixon



Audi A6 with a telescopic car flagpole "Exclusive.  


Telescopic Car flagpole "Universal".


Volvo S90/V90 2017 with a telescopic car flagpole "Exclusive".


Volvo S90/V90 2017 with a car telescopic car flagpole "Exclusive".


Toyota Land Cruiser with fixed car flagpole "AluBasic-Modern"

Car sold by Transmotor B.V.

IMG_6247.JPG IMG_6224-2.JPG

Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance with fixed car flagpole "AluBasic-Modern" Car sold by Transmotor B.V.

                            Fixed car flagpole "AluBasic-Modern"


IMG_6244-2.jpg Volvo V70 Hearse with holder for car flagpole "Exclusive"
             Fixed car flagpole "AluBasic-Modern" folded down Nilsson Hearse (Volvo V70) with holder for car flag pole "Exclusive". Funeral car sold by Nilsson Special Vehicles, Laholm, Sweden
Parade-up-the-Long-Walk.jpg SteelEx-Classic-on-VW-passat-2016-5.JPG
Fixed car flagpole SteelEx-Claassic on a classic car. Royal Windsor. Jaguar festival London 2017             Magnetic car flagpole "SteelEx - Classic" on VW passat 2016


Fixed car flagpole "Exclusive" on Lexus


Fixed car flagpole "Steel-Ex" Modern w paint protection kit


Fixed car flagpole "Steel-Ex Mordern" with bonnet bracket on Mercedes


Fixed car flagpole "Steel-Ex Modern"


Car flagpole "Exclusive" w 25 gold coated ball on Kenya

government car

Land-Rover-with-car-flagpole-Exclusive.jpgCar flagpole "Exclusive" on a´Land Rover


Car flagpoles "Steel-Ex Modern" on a´Mercedes Benz G-Class


Car flagpole "Exclusive" on a´Volvo


Skoda with magnetic car flagpole


                             Spoiler mounted flagpole on a Jaguar